Hi there! 👋
I’m Cristian

I am a JavaScript Developer with more than 10+ years of experience. I've worked on different projects, varying in complexity and specifications. I've built web apps, websites, embedded apps, native apps and APIs. I currently enjoy living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Europe.

My happy place is contributing to open-source. That lead me to create projects that are used by thousand of great people and also work along-side amazing folks. The proudest open-source achievement is being part of the core team of Preact project.

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goober 🥜

A less than 1KB 🎉css-in-js alternative with a familiar API

hnpwa-vanilla 🍦

Hacker News PWA implemented using no framework just javascript


State transition plugin for Phaser.js


Super small component to custom render your hashtag within your text


The web extension that wraps the super awesome tool, Bundlephobia so one can check the size of a package directly in your tab, without the need to open a new one.


Tiny library(1.3Kb) to manage your application state. It supports interceptors(modifiers) to handle and modify data on the fly.